Desert Rust – Haqqislam Base Test

Thought I’d contrast the last epic post with a mini update on what’s on the table right now.

First up is a test base I’m working on for the Haqqislam squad. I wanted to play around with a hi-tech desert theme, which seems fitting for this particular Infinity faction.

Haqqislam Base Test

So, what I’m going for is a mix of rocky desert with scrub patches, with some rusted metal bits here and there. I think the metal can do with some refinement in terms of technique, but it’ll do for the squad I think.

In terms of how I did it, here’s a walkthrough.

1. I first glued a couple of slate rocks from the Warhammer basing kit, and a little bit of etched brass mesh from the 40K basing kit, both by Games Workshop. The sand texture was achieved by daubing a bit of polyfilla (called Spackle in the States I think) over the remaining areas.

2. After painting a few layers of white primer I drilled a couple of holes corresponding with the base pins on the miniature who’s going to occupy the base (another Ghulam infantry figure).

3. Then the base colours went down. Rocks were painted with a dark grey brown (Vallejo 337 Highlight German Black), metal grille was a dark grey, and the sand was an orangey brown colour I mixed from Vallejo Desert Yellow and Vallejo Orange Red.

4. I then drybrushed up the sand and rocks as one using Vallejo Buff and Vallejo Beige. I think I finished up at Vallejo Pale Flesh. I found it looked a bit too orange though so I ran a over few glazes of Desert Yellow to smooth off the texture and give the more yellowy look I had in mind. I tend to use glazes like that a lot in my painting – altering the colour tone as needed and also to smooth colour transitions.

5. The rusted metal was a combination of drybrushing up lighter greys, stippling the VMC Orange Red in the rust areas and over-washing with black. Need to play around a bit more there I though think.

6. Finally I glued on some tufts of static grass – I used Gameforce Winter/Dead Grass. Then a neat trick I like to employ is to drybrush up the tufts with, in this case, beige. It acts like a mascara – thickening the strands, giving some colour variation, and helping them stand upright.

Pretty happy with the overall effect so I shall do a batch of these, I think, for my Haqqislam squad.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 17, 2011.

3 Responses to “Desert Rust – Haqqislam Base Test”

  1. Very nice. I agree that if anything needs works its the metal grating. Just seems a bit dark and flat, especially compared to the dirt where you have quite a high contrast between the base and the highlight. Maybe give it a dusting of light pigment (dust blown over from the ground) or lighter orangey rust around the edges?


    • Yeah I agree re the metal. I may play around with it a bit tonight and try out your suggestions.

      I did the construction on the other Ghulam base last night and will probably try a turquoise-green rusted effect on those metal plates I think.


  2. Looks great! Found this looking for desert base ideas for my Hassassins!


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