Ghulam Colour Test

Apologies to those who were champing at the bit for continuance of that Odalisque painting tutorial. As I mentioned, I took a slight detour via Christmas and then onto some colour testing for the Haqqislam squad overall.

So, here’s where I am at with the test model: one of my Haqqislam Ghulam Infantry figures (for Infinity, by Corvus Belli).

Infinity Ghulam Colour Test

I’ve had in mind that I wanted to go for a red/brown scheme as it would suit the Arab/desert heritage (or stereotype!) of the faction. I also wanted to try my hand at camouflage and have opted to go for a slightly unconventional colour mix there.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how she’s turning out and can see it working fairly well for the squad as a whole. She did originally have a dark grey/black long sleeved undershirt but it looked a little unbalanced so I’ve repainted it as camo. Upon first inspection I thought the model actually had bare arms, but the right arm (holding the rifle) has definite clothing folds which would not work as skin.

Still a bit to do on her.

Rundown as follows:

Work up the browns – they’re just undercoated as yet. Shading on there should make a difference. Question is, am I happy with the amount of browns? Is it too much? I could switch that to black maybe.

Shade the camo – the orange looks a bit bright/saturated and will also need to be shaded in places (eg in creases, edges). I may glaze over to a duller terracotta or peach colour, in fact.

Re-work the reds – probably enrich those a bit and also tone down the green light spill effect.

Other than that, there’s general tidying up, plus some lining for contrast.

Then there’s the base of course. I’m thinking a pale yellow desert/sand effect with strewn sandstone rocks and rusted metal pieces.

Infinity Ghulam Colour Test Infinity Ghulam Colour Test

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 9, 2011.

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