Ho! Ho! Malifaux!

I’ll be getting back to that Odalisque tutorial for you all promptly, but festive activities have kind of gotten in the way a bit.

The turkey and stuffing is behind me now so I can get back to the mini painting and gaming, and of course, posting here on the Mini Madness.

I have taken a slight diversion from the Odalisque as I’ve picked up another Haqqislam mini (a Guylam infantry soldier) to test out the colour scheme for the squad. I’ll post that up once I’ve finished her.

In the meantime, and in keeping with the season, I’ll post a quick battle summary of a festive Malifaux game I had today.

My Neverborn crew (Pandora, Kade, Doppelganger, a Performer + Mannequin, and some sorrows) faced down Marton‘s Resurrectionist crew (Seamus, Sybelle, Crooked Man, 2 punk zombies, 2 belles) in one of Wyrd’s official Christmas Story Encounters. The premise of the game was all about collecting christmas presents, with a juicy victory point bonus going to the crew who had the biggest haul at the end of the game. We started with five presents each and there was a Christmas tree in the centre of the town which could be raided for more.

I’ve found I really enjoy playing the Pandora crew. She’s quite unconventional in play style. Instead of causing direct damage, she’s all about causing wounds to anyone failing a willpower duel within 12″ of her. So the list I used focuses on causing such duels. The performer and mannequin, while an expensive mercenary hire in from the Arcanist faction, are able to cause plenty of Wp duels. And have the bonus of looking great! Really looking forward to getting them painted up.

Anyhow, the early turns of the game saw us both manouevering into position. Seamus and his Rezzers strode out into the centre of the town – Sybelle laying into the tree and scooping up plenty of prezzies. My Neverborn split into two groups – Kade and the Performer/Mannequin heading right, Pandora and the rest heading left. This could have been a painful mistake if Seamus had opted to focus on one of the groups at a time but I think my opponent was more intent on getting all his models into position for some chained attacks using lures from the Belles and cave-ins from the Crooked Man.

Turn three saw the violence ensue as Baby Kade came charging out of a building and visciously backstabbing a Punk Zombie, killing it. But the slow to die undead made a retributive strike, slicing and dicing with its paired katanas. Meantime, Pandora with her attendant Doppelganger and sorrows had moved into range for her devastating emotional trauma effect.

Then things got particularly nasty as the inevitable scramble for presents took place.

I tried to make sure my sorrows were in close enough that their short range version of Pandora’s power came into effect, plus with the Doppelganger mimicking that trauma ability it meant that anyone failing a Wp duel would instantly lose 3 wounds. Nasty.

Although the Rezzers had scooped up the lion’s share of prezzies, the fate deck turned cruelly against them. Firstly a Punk Zombie ran headlong into one of the cave-ins (shafted marker) laid by the Crooked Man. Then the planned chain lure failed to happen.

Seamus and his Redchappel Gang did manage to dish out a fair amount of damage, leaving many of the Neverborn minions on one or two wounds, but crucially they hadn’t dealt the killing blow anywhere.

Pandora chose this moment to step into the fray, causing one Resurrectionist after another to face their own terrors and fall screaming. Seamus survived the onslaught long enough to dish out a bit of damage, but the Doppelganger was able to finish him off. Mimicking his infamous .50 Flintlock hand cannon and shooting him with it (red joker for max damage, ouch).

Seamus and most of his crew down, it was mostly mopping up for the Neverborn by turn five.

When the dust and wrapping paper finally settled there was only one present left intact, clutched in the hands of the Doppelganger.

While Seamus had succeeded in his scheme to lay down a carpet of corpses, it just wasn’t enough as the Neverborn had also managed to kidnap three of the Resurrectionists as planned. Final victory point reckoning was 3-1.

Victory to Pandora and her Neverborn, who went dancing off into the night – Christmas had been stolen.

Ho! Ho! Malifaux!


~ by Max Von Deadlock on December 29, 2010.

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  1. Good write-up, Jon! I linked it in from mine as usual. 🙂


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