Time for a Tutorial

Time for a tutorial here on Max’s Mini Madness I think.

All those Malifaux minis I’ve been working on lately has seen me make strides in my painting, and I feel like I am heading toward techniques and a style which I’m happy with. So I figured it would be good to document things with a photo-journal type walkthrough of one miniature from start to finish.

Much that I’ve been enjoying the Malifaux – painting and playing – it’s time for a departure and I’ve therefore decided to return to another great skirmish game with fantastic miniatures: Infinity, by Spanish company Corvus Belli. It’s a game which sees regular play down at the Cross Gaming Club and I’ve been wanting to get back into it for some time. I’ll be aiming to get a squad made up and get some games in in the New Year.

So, for this step-by-step I have chosen one of my Haqqislam troops – the Odalisque.

Infinity Odalisque WiP

Preparing The Miniature

You can see that the mini comes in three parts, plus a plastic 25mm round base. There’s the main body section, her right arm which is holding a boarding shotgun, and the separate left arm.

Infinity Odalisque WiPInfinity minis are renowned for their more realistic proportions and dynamic sculpts. This can mean they’re a bit more fiddly than some miniatures and require some very delicate pinning. In the Odalisque’s case I have decided to pin the right arm and just rely on glue to hold the left arm. This shouldn’t be too big a problem as there are two contact points – at the shoulder and the wrist which is already moulded onto the weapon.

I shall also take off the base tab and pin the feet. this will allow more flexibility when it comes to the base.

As you can see upon looking at the sculpt up close there are some slight mould imperfections and casting lines as well as some extraneous metal (usually called “flash”).

First thing to do then is clean that up with clippers, a sharp blade and a needle file. Actually the casting here is very good and thankfully cleanup is minimal.

Once I’ve got rid of the obvious flash and mould lines, it’s time to start assembling.

Assembling the Odalisque

Infinity Odalisque WiPRight, time to start drilling.

Taking the trusty pin vice I carefully drill to a depth of about 4-5mm into the right shoulder and the corresponding point on the arm itself. There are various techniques you can use to ensure the holes are lined up accurately but I (got lazy and) judged this one by eye.

Looking at the feet and ankles I figured I best not try to drill the left foot. One base pin should suffice with the other foot just being glued to the eventual base.

There was already a slight ball/socket moulding on the left shoulder so I decided to use that for the left arm, rather than drilling and pinning. Should be robust enough with those two contact points as I said earlier.

Infinity Odalisque WiPOnce the drilling was done, I superglued in some brass rod pieces to serve as the pins.

Although I had done a dry fitting, using blu tac to ensure that things lined up correctly, I discovered that the angle of the right arm left a bit of a gap when the left arm was put into place. So I had to do a bit of bending and forcing to make sure things fitted. It also meant she’s holding the shotgun a little higher than I’d planned, but I can live with that.

Assembly completed it was time to undercoat.

Applying the Undercoat

A simple step this one. Just spraying a coat of Games Workshop Skull White to give a good base for painting. I like to use white undercoats as I find the colours come out that much more vibrant and it’s easier to get coverage over white rather than black.

I taped the base pin onto a cocktail stick which meant I could rotate the mini as I sprayed it.

I was mindful not to get too thick a coverage that detail was obscured, though I do like to try and get an even white. I suspect the paint can may not have been shaken quite enough, or perhaps I was holding it too close, as it seems to have run a little into crevasses. Not too big a deal though and I’m confident it won’t affect the painting.

So, here is the Odalisque, all prepared and undercoated. An evening’s work for me.

Infinity Odalisque WiP Infinity Odalisque WiP

I may need to use a little putty or green stuff to smooth the joins, though the glue seems to have filled them OK.

We’ll see.

Anyway, prep work done, it’s about time to get painting.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on December 13, 2010.

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