Shovellin’ Some Dirt

Mortimer, Resurrectionist Gravedigger, was the last of my tournament crew to get finished up and here he is, all done now:

Mortimer, Gravedigger (Malifaux)

Mortimer, Gravedigger (Malifaux)

Mortimer, Gravedigger (Malifaux)

He was another mini who was a real joy to paint. The sculpt, by Wyrd Games, is great. Very expressive, particularly the face which cried out to be painted all ruddy and five ‘o clock shadowed.

He’s also another step forward for me in my painting. Getting faster and more assured with how I lay down the paint, getting the colour choices and paint consistencies right without too much experimentation. I feel like I am homing in on a style now, and as such I shall probably put up a step by step tutorial at some point on the techniques I’ve been using.

Other than his face, I’m also particularly pleased with the purple jumper and his trousers. The purple I feel like I’ve got down pat now – highlighting with beige and shading to deep turquoise. Unfortunately I can’t remember the colours I used on the trousers but it was definitely a section I realised I was getting results I was happy with fast. I also like the way the dirt on his coat came out, adding a bit of interest to an otherwise featureless grey area.

I tried a bit of rusting on the shovel and, while an interesting effect, it’s not as authentic as I’d have preferred. Rusting and weathering is definitely an area to investigate further methinks.

I guess I should take a break from the Malifaux minis now and do something a little different.

I wonder what…

~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 23, 2010.

7 Responses to “Shovellin’ Some Dirt”

  1. Jon, I think this is the best paint job I’ve seen you do. The coat is a masterpiece, but the complimentary shading stuff is making stuff ‘pop’ pretty much everywhere. And the face is characterful and detailed. You’re getting very good at this!


  2. Nice one as always! I have some colourless infinity models stashed away if you really have nothing to paint… πŸ˜‰


    • Heh, if only I didn’t have piles of unpainted minis crying out for my attention! Funnily enough I have been thinking about getting a small Haqqislam group done for Infinity and playing that down the club.


  3. I just got into this game yesterday buying the main book and ordered my first batch of minis today (and rising powers), not to mention just stumbled upon your blog. πŸ˜€ I really like your paint jobs and reading about your matches. You’re adding to my already high level of excitement to get started with this. Warhammer (40k and fantasy) got too expensive for me, so I looked for an alternative. Malifaux won (though I do forsee myself doing Hordes in the future). The minis look really nice and I can actually afford this new obsession, lol. Anyhow, thanks for entertaining me.


    • Hey, glad to hear you’re getting into Malifaux. It’s a nice little game with some sweet minis. The card-based gameplay works really well also. Which faction have you gone for?

      Also glad you’re enjoying the blog. Always nice to hear πŸ™‚


      • I’ve gone for Arcanists to start. I’m getting the Marcus box and the Ramos box and some Silurids, Waldgeists, Brass Arachnid, and Hoarcat Pride. I like the beasts and steampunk stuff. I’ve a friend that’s getting me some outcasts for x-mas (The Viktorias), so I’ll likely be using them as my second faction for demos or larger battles.


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