Resurrectionists (Nearly) Finished

I promised I’d get some pictures up of my finished crew and, seeing as I’m a man of my word*, here are my McMourning crew all mostly finished up:

McMourning Crew, Malifaux

A bit more detail is called for on each of the new ones methinks…

Convict Gunslinger

Convict Gunslinger, Malifaux Convict Gunslinger, Malifaux

We’ve seen the gunslinger on here before in a nearly completed state. So I just finished up his guns and went over the leather bits again. Finally I bravely took the plunge and laid down some ink. Tattoos, I mean.

I’m pretty pleased with how the tatts came out, particularly the angel wings on his back. I wish I’d been a bit tidier with the writing on his belly, but it’ll do. Suddenly seemed fitting to use the phrase “faster ‘n you” as one of his abilities is called just that.

I’m really chuffed with the shading on his jeans too.

Flesh Construct

Flesh Construct, Malifaux Flesh Construct, Malifaux

This big old guy, affectionately referred to as “Frankie” by players, was one of those sculpts I really didn’t like, but he’s a minion who is vital to a McMourning Resurrectionist crew so I had to do him.

Funnily enough, the more I painted, the more he grew on me. I’m pleased with the fleshtones here, using green and purple glazes in the shadows to give him that beginning to decay look. You can’t really see it too well in the pics but the freehand “Doe” on his foot tag came out quite cleanly.

Also, I’m pleased with how quickly I got him painted. Definitely made strides with how fast I can get my models painted.


Malifaux Nurse Malifaux Nurse

There are two Resurrectionist nurse sculpts which came in the blister, the other is definitely one of my least favourite Malifaux sculpts. This one’s not too bad though and thankfully I only really need to field one in game.

She was slightly challenging at times to paint and I ended up doing a fair bit of re-painting, particularly with her skintones.

Generally I’m pretty happy with how she turned out, though she’s possibly a bit too saturated when stood alongside McMourning. I deliberately wanted to echo the colours in McMourning so went for that pale green-blue and purple scheme, rather than the traditional red+white. Think it works and helps keep the overall crew unified.

It was nice to practice painting stockings also. Pleased with the way the seam at the back turned out, though the lack of any features/contours on her upper thighs made it a bit tricky to explore much shading there.

Canine Remains

Canine Remains, Malifaux Canine Remains, Malifaux Canine Remains, Malifaux

I loved painting up the zombie pooches and they were definitely models which drew me to the Resurrectionists faction and McMourning in particular.

I found that using real dog breed colourings for inspiration helped with the realism, and when overlaid with some purple and green washes gave a nicely rotten look.

I particularly like that bulldog sculpt. He’s such a cutie with those maggot-ridden floppy jowls!

* yeah, I try at least. One day I’ll get back to that 1,000pt challenge. Honest!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Resurrectionists (Nearly) Finished”

  1. Awesome well painted models as always…
    You actually made me like the flesh construct and the nurse. Hope to see these guys across the table soon!


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