Wooden Spoons and Colouring Books

Saturday was the much anticipated Malifaux tournament hosted at the Cross Gaming Club, near London Bridge.

Malifaux is definitely my game of choice at the moment and it has really developed a following down at the club. So much so that they decided to host a tournament day, which was supported by a respectable 16 attendees.

As you will have read on this blog I’ve been working hard this past couple of weeks to get my McMourning Resurrectionist crew painted up and ready for the big day. Well I just about managed it, falling a little short of getting all the shading I wanted on Mortimer and a couple of the bases still need a spot more attention. Generally though I was really proud to put them out on the table.

It was an early start, first of the three games kicking off not long after 9 in the morning. Each game ran to about two and a quarter hours. As predicted I didn’t get to play all six turns in any of them, although I played pretty fast I thought. My feeling is that two hours is rather ambitious for a 30 soulstone match.

Anyway, on with some, ahem, highlights…

Game One – McMourning vs Rasputina

My first opponent was a Rasputina Arcanist crew, I was disappointed to learn. I’d only faced her once before but really struggled with her ice pillars and blast templates. I opted to play aggressively and get the scary doctor in amongst it straight away which turned out to be a fatal mistake. Rasputina managed to use some sort of overpower ice blast to decimate pretty much all of his wounds, soulstones and control cards. Without the fate cards to back his retaliation there was little I could do and the game was pretty much over for me from that point on.

I also failed to meet any objectives. I’d set up Mortimer as a “framed for murder” scheme and despite my best efforts to get him involved he got blocked by those damnable ice pillars. A humiliating lesson learnt.

Result: Rasputina 5vp – McMourning 0vp

Game Two – McMourning vs Leviticus

I’d never faced Leviticus before and had no idea how he worked and what he was capable of. Also my opponent was someone I’ve played and lost to before so it really didn’t bode well.

Things pretty much went as expected and, despite causing massive mayhem by repeatedly killing a Desolation Engine and Bette Noir, I was eventually overwhelmed by Leviticus’s expendable and corrosive swarm of Steampunk Abominations.

I got tabled, but did get one of my schemes off to scrape a consolation victory point.

Result: Leviticus 5vp – McMourning 1vp

Game Three – McMourning vs Sonnia Criid

The Wooden Spoon Decider

My final game of the day saw me pitted against the last-placed crew, an opponent I had faced before. And also whom I had struggled against in our previous meeting. I was feeling a little more confident though that I knew enough about my crew to be able to do some proper damage and save a bit of pride.

Start of turn two, it all went catastrophically wrong.

Feeling very pleased with myself I lured Samael, a high cost Guild Minion, around a corner ready for McMourning to mercilessly slice ‘n dice. This actually turned out to be about the worst thing I could have done as the witch-hunting gunfighter turned his rapid fire flaming bullets on McMourning and the good doctor went down with nary a whimper.

I took some small revenge, mauling Samael with some zombie dogs, but knew the game was lost then and there. I spent the remaining turns desperately scampering away from Killjoy – a scary melee monster – and actually managed to complete both of my schemes. It was not enough though and the death of the Master meant my opponent won out in our shared Slaughter stratagem, and consequently the game.

Result: Sonnia Criid 3vp – McMourning 2vp

Three straight losses and a heftily negative vp difference meant I walked away the ignominious holder of that wooden spoon award for coming last!

But Wait, There’s Consolation

It was not all bad news though. Turns out all the effort I had put into painting my minis paid off as I was declared by the organisers to have fielded the best painted crew. Sweet. My award – the Malifaux Colouring Book:

I’m actually really stoked about this award, which definitively shows that I am more of a painter than a player. I’ll post up pics of the finished crew in the next couple of days for all to see.

I’m really proud of these minis. Partly because it has marked a real step change in my painting ability (and alacrity), and partly because it marks a project completed. Something I have traditionally been poor at doing.

So, to conclude, it was a great day. Despite being played off the tabletop by my opponents, I learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it. And that tournament deadline really helped me focus on getting things done, yet I don’t feel I compromised my standards too much.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 8, 2010.

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