Don’t Have Nightmares

As I mentioned on here yesterday, I have finished up Baby Kade – a Neverborn model for Malifaux.

The Neverborn are one of the core factions and definitely give the game that fairytale horror vibe I find intriguing. Kade himself is apparently the Woe of Innocence Lost – some sort of ancient nightmare spirit from a time long before humans stepped through the breach into the parallel realm of Malifaux.

All I know is he’s damn creepy.

Anyway, here he is in all his miniscule detail:

Baby Kade, Malifaux Baby Kade, Malifaux

Baby Kade, Malifaux Baby Kade, Malifaux

The miniature, by Wyrd Games of course, really was a joy to paint despite being so tiny. At a mere 18mm foot to the top of his hair curl, I really should have photographed him next to a penny to give an idea of scale.

He’s also one of the miniatures that attracted me to the game of Malifaux, way back when, so it’s nice to have completed my own take on the paintjob.

I must say I’m pleased with the results. I’ve had to hold myself back from spending more time on him as he is a tabletop rather than showcase mini, so some of the blends could have been smoothed out and the blade NMM could have been tidied a little. But really I’m proud of the little fella and will be pleased to see him take to the field as part of Pandora’s crew.

Painting wise there’s not a great deal to say, other than that I’ve felt myself taking another step forward in terms of technique. I didn’t take too many wrong turns with him, pretty much getting the paints almost right first time without need for much re-work. I’m also really happy with the colour scheme – on the bear in particular. A year ago, I would never have had the confidence to use different hues between midtones, shadows and highlights. Now I reckon I’ll be reluctant to stick to just the one hue as I feel the colours are so much richer.

I probably shouldn’t go into too much more on the topic of colour theory as I can see it making for an interesting tutorial post in itself. Well, interesting for me to write about at least!

So that seems like a good place to leave things for now.

And as with the close of an episode of Crimewatch, I feel compelled to leave you with the comforting words – “don’t have nightmares”


~ by Max Von Deadlock on October 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Don’t Have Nightmares”

  1. NMM on the knife – nice 🙂


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