Badass Gunslinger

I’ve been dedicating my painting time pretty exclusively to Malifaux of late. The game is really starting to take off down at the Cross Gaming Club, so there are usually a couple of games happening every Tuesday.

With the tournament coming up in a couple of weeks time I really need to get my chosen crew – probably McMourning and his Resurrectionists – finished. It’s actually something of a “horde army” by Malifaux standards; the thirty soulstone crew coming in at around 10-12 models, including all the summonable stuff.

Still, I’m making good headway and think I should be able to get them finished up in good time.

Currently in progress is the mercenary Convict Gunslinger I’ve decided to field to give a bit of ranged firepower support. In game he’s a bit of a beast, able to fire three shots per round and can keep on shooting if I flip the right triggers*

He’s probably a bit over half way done. Just the leather bits to finish off, his paired peacekeeper pistols and his boots. Then, if I’m feeling brave enough I’ll get some badass tattoos on him (bound to be worth a +flip in game right?).

Anyway, here he is:

Malifaux Convict Gunslinger WiP

Malifaux Convict Gunslinger WiP

Not the best pic as it’s just a work in progress shot without all the fancy camera and lighting setup but enough to show off the fleshtone which I’m really happy with, and the jeans ‘n kneepads. The flesh was enhanced by adding Vallejo Royal Purple into the brown and flesh mixture for shading.

So, expect more progress on him and the Rezzers in the coming week. The Gunslinger is from the Outcast faction but can be hired into most crews at increased cost.

In other news, I’ve also been finishing off Baby Kade. Partly because he’s such a great model and partly because I want to be able to transport him to the club so need him finished and varnished. I’ll try to get him photographed later.

* Malifaux is an unusual miniature wargame in that it is entirely card driven, with card draws, or “flips” being used to determine success or failure. The suit of the cards, is important for some special abilities to go off for certain models. It really is a nice mechanic which adds a card hand management aspect to the game, and there’s something very satisfying in the flipping of cards, versus the rolling of dice.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on October 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Badass Gunslinger”

  1. What have you used for the grate on his base? I’ve been experimenting with using paper-clips to make sewer gratings, but that one is really nice.


    • I must confess that I used a pre-cast resin base, as I have done on all my Malifaux minis. In this case it’s a 30mm Round DS Military Complex resin base from Fenris Games.

      Were I to attempt it myself I would probably go for rods (such as clipped paper clips as you suggest), with a frame of thin plasticard around it.

      Basing is an area I intend to improve, but for now I’m happy to use resin ones to get the crews done.


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