Painting Such Sweet Sorrow(s)

Maybe not so sweet but here are the Sorrows almost finished I think. I need to tidy the bases a little and get some varnish on them so they’re table-worthy.

Neverborn Sorrows, Malifaux

While I wasn’t so keen on the sculpts to start with, they kinda grew on me the more paint I slapped on.

I also encountered a common phenomenon for me: base fear. For some reason I become nervous about finishing up the bases. Perhaps I’m concerned that the base will just not work for the model or some such nonsense. Thankfully, I’m pleased with the way these came out. Quite happy with the sandstone effect and the autumn leaves do add a nice touch of colour and interest.

I am slightly concerned that the colour won’t give enough contrast to Kade when he’s done though. Fingers crossed it’ll work. I do want to keep them thematically linked.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on October 3, 2010.

One Response to “Painting Such Sweet Sorrow(s)”

  1. Nice work as always. The bases look great – if anything they outshine the figures themselves! I know what you mean about the sculpts, mostly they are just a blob, but you’ve done a good job of adding interest through subtle colour changes.


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