Quick Malifaux battle Report – 30ss McMourning vs Lilith

In preparation for the upcoming Malifaux tournament at the Cross Gaming Club in November, last night I ventured down the club for a practice game.

The Setup

It was a 30 soulstone scrap which pitted my McMourning crew against my opponent’s Lilith brood.

Crew lists were something like:
McMourning’s Resurrectionists – Zombie Chihuahua, Rotten Belle x 2, Canine Remains, Mortimer, Nurse, Convict Gunslinger
Lilith’s neverborn – Baby Kade, Teddy, Terror Tot Nephilim, Mature Nephilim

We flipped for schemes, getting Reconnoiter and Claim Jump respectively, me having to outnumber my opponent in as many table quarters as possible, him having to outnumber me in the table centre. For the sake of play time we opted to skip the stratagems.

My opponent was pretty new to the game and I’ve only a few games under my belt so it was something of an exploration for both of us, trying out abilities and generally getting a feel for things. I’m particularly keen to speed up my play as time is pretty limited and this will be an issue come tournament day.

Time did get the better of us and we ended up having quite a few rules questions, but fortunately a couple of the experienced players were stood nearby for us to pester and get clarifications.

Let Battle Commence

After setting up across the table from each other, his Lilith brood came charging rapidly across the table at me – utilising earthquakes and other abilities to get all his nasties into melee range. I prepared to meet his charge with a hastily summoned Flesh Construct and also tried out the dog bomb tactic by getting a nurse to pump a canine remains with drugs.

On the left flank, battle was quickly joined and Kade and Teddy faced the construct and the rabid dog. The dog managed to dish out a bit of damage before expiring from the overdose, then the Flesh Construct was able to finish off Kade before he could get any strikes in. After this the Construct and Teddy got into a protracted slugging match – both having the Hard to Wound 2 trait. Having a no-cost summoned unit tie up his 9ss unit for the game seemed like a very good deal.

On the other flank, Lilith and her Nephilim made a mad dash to get into melee with McMourning, hoping to swiftly deal with him before he had the chance to resurrect any more nasty stuff. McMourning got some lucky flips and was able to weather the initial storm before the Zombie Belles were able to lure Lilith away from their master.

McMourning and Mortimer then set about dealing with the two Nephilim and, once the Mature got taken down by some deadly scalpel work from the Doctor and a good shovelling by the gravedigger, it was clear that it was looking increasingly hopeless for Lilith.

We decided to call it quits soon after this in order to catch late trains home.


It was a good game, as usual for Malifaux, and I definitely started to get a clearer idea of what to do with each unit, and things started to flow a bit smoother as the evening progressed.

I think I got lucky with some key early flips which allowed me to deal with Kade and press my numerical advantage. We both missed some things and forgot to use key abilities but that’s to be expected with these learning games.

I do like the McMourning crew and they definitely seem like a strong build. However the sheer number of models is a bit of a challenge for me time-wise. I really need to get to a point where I know instantly what I intend to do with my next unit when it comes to my activation.

Must get more practice games in.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on September 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Quick Malifaux battle Report – 30ss McMourning vs Lilith”

  1. Thanks for the report. I just ordered a McMourning crew as my into to Malifaux and write-ups like this help me understand the flow of the game better.


    • Glad you enjoyed the report, and hope you enjoy Malifaux as much as I have. It’s an awesome skirmish game.

      Oh I remember those winning days with the good Doctor! Sadly I’ve been on a bit of a losing streak with him of late, as you’ll see from some of my later Batreps.


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