Games Day & Golden Demon, 2010

I popped up to Birmingham yesterday for Games Workshop’s annual hobby extravaganza – Games Day. I had a great time there last year, meeting up and wandering around with some clubbing/gaming friends from London, and vowing that next year I’d be entering the Golden Demon painting competition.

Well, sadly I failed in that vow.

In my defence the events of the last couple of months transpired against me a bit, but really I don’t have much excuse as I had a full twelve months to get entries prepared. So, starting immediately I shall endeavour to get stuff going for 2011.

Anyway, about the day itself. It was pretty much the same format as last year, with a huge hall in the NEC dedicated to selling GW stuff and participation games. The main interest for me though lay in the adjoining hall where the Golden Demon painting competition cabinets were, along with the Studio areas featuring previews of upcoming shiny stuff (mmm, Dark Eldar finally getting the sculpts they deserve).

I often find at the painting competitions that it’s a bit difficult to get a good look at the entries as crowds cluster around the glass cabinets. I’ve found you just have to be patient and surreptitiously edge your way to the front each time – much as you would creep your way to get served at a busy bar.

I did get to see plenty of awesome and inspirational minis at close hand and also got to meet up with some of the Platoon Britannica crew which was cool.

Purchasing was restrained, though I was excited to pick up the latest Horus Heresy offerings from Black Library – The First Heretic (book) and Garro: Oath of Moment (Audio Drama). Also I grabbed a couple of chaos bits from the always busy Forgeworld stand.

Overall I enjoyed the day, which turned out to be a fairly low key affair for me. I imagine I’ll get more out of it next year when (not “if”) I have entries in Golden Demon.

Now, what categories to enter…

~ by Max Von Deadlock on September 27, 2010.

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