Escaping the London Gravity Well

So I’ve been hanging out on the Platoon Britannica forums a bit lately and it was there that I learned about a small show called Figure World which happened yesterday up north in Mansfield.

Maelstrom Games, MansfieldI knew that a load of the PB folks were going to be there so I decided to drag myself out of bed early, for a Saturday, and escape the London gravity well, catching the 9:15 train from London St Pancras. A few hours later I found myself in the “Eye of the Storm” at Maelstrom Games.

This place, I must mention, is a pretty freakin’ awesome gaming centre dedicated to the miniature wargaming hobby.

The shop itself is huge and very well stocked, carrying loads of lines which I only normally see at conventions, plus there’s a huge gaming area and bar/lounge. It reminded me of some of the games shops I found in the US, and I wish we had something like it near us in London. Unfortunately square footage is at a premium in the capital so shops just can’t afford it here I guess.

Miniatures on DisplayAnyway, the event itself – Figure World, presented by The Basement forums – was an open day dedicated to the miniature modelling hobby.

The first of the two upstairs halls acted as a trade hall and display area with literally hundreds of amazingly painted busts and miniatures, both historical and SF/Fantasy. It was great to get up close and take inspiration from such incredible pieces of work, and also to see things I wouldn’t normally come across in the wargaming hobby annex in which I loiter.

The second hall – a large gaming area and bar/lounge – had a few tables set aside for demonstrations and workshops by hobby experts. It’s always nice to watch over a pro’s shoulder and pick up some handy tips. Thanks to Conrad (Prawnpower) I learned some cool basing techniques using blu-tac and plaster which I look forward to trying out.

Painting and Sculpting WorkshopsI basically spent the day wandering back and forth between the two halls, chatting to friendly folks from various hobby forums (some of whom I had met previously at Salute), and ogling at the beautifully painted minis.

Foolishly I had forgotten to take out any cash before I got there so my purchasing was curtailed (probably for the better!), instead I had to save my last fiver for a taxi ride to the train station home.

And when I did get home, late evening, I was able to reflect on the day. A most enjoyable event: well organised, in a great venue, with excellent stuff on display, and plenty of friendly folks.

Now, will I be able to make it to the Cardiff PB meet next month I wonder?

Vampire Bust Werewolf Statue Dracula Bust Nice Minis Painting and Sculpting Workshops Nice Minis Display and Trade Hall at Figure World Great Minis

~ by Max Von Deadlock on July 11, 2010.

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