Who’s a cute little fella then?

These two!

McMourning's Dogs

I love pugs. Gigi won’t let us get one, claiming some legalese about the tenancy agreement for our flat and the fact that we live in central London. No fair. I’d swab its little face folds and everything!

So you can see why, when I saw the Canine Remains packs for Malifaux, I simply had to have them and run a McMourning Resurrectionist crew.

I’ve had the pug and his little zombie chihuahua playmate painted for a few weeks now but needed to get their bases done. For some reason I hit one of my inspiration blocks with the bases.

I had the Kerr & King resin bases undercoated and drilled but just couldn’t find the desire to get them done. Weird.

So yesterday, taking a break from the Blood Angels, I just hunkered down to it and started slapping the paint on.

These guys are on more rural bases than McMourning and his ladies, and it was the first time I’ve used some leaf scatter I obtained from Antenociti’s Workshop. Oh and the pose of the pug, still marking even in undeath, made it an obvious choice to go on the tree stump base.

McMourning's Dogs

~ by Max Von Deadlock on July 3, 2010.

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