Blood Angels WIP

I find it slightly challenging to show work in progress shots of my work for some reason. I think I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my painting, so I don’t really like to show work which isn’t at its best.

That perfectionism undoubtedly contributes to how slow I work. Which is something I want to change. I want to get stuff completed.

I do enjoy sharing my work here on the blog, so must get over myself and show stuff – no matter how duff the interim paintjob looks in a snappy cam pic under inadequate lighting!

Here’s what’s on the paintstation right now – the early stages of painting on my some 40K space marines:

Blood Angels WIP

I mentioned in an earlier post about my 1k challenge. Well I’ve not forgotten about that and am slowly and steadily getting a Blood Angels 1,000 pointer ready. I’ve got it all assembled and at least undercoated.

Blood Angels WIPI’m going for Blood Angels 2nd Company, and this is 7th squad – a jump packed assault squad – as denoted by the kneepad insignia you can see on the nearly complete chap to the right here.

I’m really trying to go for speed painting as there are ten assault marines in total for this squad. You can see the paint isn’t the tidiest but I’m pleased with it for tabletop and if I can maintain this standard at a fast pace then I’ll definitely have minis I’ll be proud to field.

Many miniature painters avoid working with reds and yellows, finding them troublesome. I love painting them though. There’s something pleasing to the eye about a nice rich warm red – obtained here with orange highlights, dark green lining and copious red over-glazing.

I have the coming week off work so hopefully you’ll see some rapid progress on them over the next few days.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Blood Angels WIP”

  1. niceeee!!!

    whats the formula you use for the yellow btw? (been stuck using gold on mine 😦 )


    • Cheers 🙂

      I use mostly Vallejo colours but I’ll check for closest GW equivalent. The yellow recipe I used was:

      1. Base coat in Golden Yellow
      2. Wash with Gryphonne Sepia
      3. Highlight with Ice Yellow (no GW equivalent, so add white to Sunburst Yellow, probably 50:50)
      4. Lining and deep shading with thinned Cam. Medium Brown (closest is probably Bestial Brown)
      5. Glaze with thinned Deep Yellow (Sunburst Yellow) to smooth out blends and enrich the colour
      6. Final highlights with Ice Yellow again to really pick out the light areas

      Hope that helps!


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