Ladies of the Night

Down at the Cross Gaming Club this coming Tuesday, Ish is organising a Malifaux intro night. The idea is to give people the opportunity out try out this great game with small 13 soulstone crews.

I’m going to be taking a small Resurrectionist crew led by McMourning so that handily gives me a deadline to get stuff finished up.

Here’s the crew I’m committing to:

Zombie Chihuahua totem
2 x Rotten Belles
2 x Canine Remains

You’ve seen my McMourning progress – no update there – but today I’ve been blitzing the two belles:

Rotten Belles WiP

My aim here is to adapt the techniques I’ve been perfecting on McMourning and speed things up considerably. I really do need to up my velocity for tabletop stuff and this has been useful practise. I’m sure I can speed things up more and I did make some mistakes which required me to revisit areas.

Generally I’m happy with the way they’re coming along though. Nearly done on the purple Belle. White Belle is mostly about the dress which I plan to do black and white vertical stripes on (similar to a favourite fancy Victorian gown of Gigi’s).

I plan to do another update tomorrow.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 5, 2010.

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