Why so serious?

Another quick work-in-progress update on McMourning.

Today I had a good day of painting and was disciplined enough not to fire up the Xbox. Which was pretty tough considering I’m really getting into the awesome Red Dead Redemption.

Anyway, here’s Dr Douglas showing off some natty stripey trousers:

McMourning WiP 2

I’ve finally got a purple working on his shirt which I am happy with. One problem I had before was that I was using a matt medium magic mix which left a glossy shine, ironically.

I’m also really happy with the first bits of colour on his face. The high contrast red and off-white is going to really draw focus to the face and it looks suitably sinister (and Joker-like). Still a fair bit of blending and detailing to do but so far so good.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on May 24, 2010.

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