McMourning WIP

Been a bit quiet on the mini painting front around here. After Salute I guess I took my foot off the gas.

Well, I’ve picked up the brush again and have started slapping some colour on the first of my Malifaux minis – Dr Douglas McMourning, Resurrectionist Master.

McMourning WIP

Before starting on him I did actually do some prep on all the Resurrectionists. For the first time I properly prepared them by filling all the cracks and pinning all their feet ready for basing. After my moaning post about pinning I went out and picked up a new pin vice from Maplin and this one seems pretty sweet. Finally I can get pinning without too much pain.

Unless I slip and impale myself, but that’s a different matter.

Anyway, here’s McMourning then. I’m pretty excited about this guy as it marks a bit of experimentation with shading and tonal variation. I’ve been watching the excellent miniature painting DVD by Jeremie Bonamant Teboul and he discusses some interesting “sinusoidal” shading whereby one switches back and forth between cold and warm tones while shading a particular section.

It’s best evidenced here on the surgical apron and gloves where, despite the photo quality, you can hopefully see that I added a warm orange-brown for the first shading layer. It then gets darkest to a cool turquoise but that’s less obvious. Also the first highlight has a (warm) yellow added.

Really chuffed with the way it’s coming along. Still think I could add a bit more contrast to make the colours pop though.

Now, I’m less happy with the shading on the purple shirt as this ended up being just plain old single hue shading. Definitely intend to go back over that and mix, and probably lighten, things up a bit.

Also, a note on the unconventional colour scheme. When I saw the sculpt I immediately saw a likeness to Dave McKean’s nightmarish vision of the Joker in his excellent Batman Arkham Asylum graphic novel. So, green hair and purple shirt it had to be!


~ by Max Von Deadlock on May 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “McMourning WIP”

  1. Looking really nice – I got the Joker vibe straight away.

    I’ve started my Ramos, but I’m a bit frustrated with him. I want to make the most of the OSL from his flame thingy, I think I need to darken his coat right down, but it just looks wrong at the moment. I’ve been generally frustrated a bit by my painting recently and have been doing other things instead. Maybe you cracking on with your Malifaux will be the kick I need to get back to it.


    • Cheers James. Sorry to hear about the frustration. From what I’ve seen your painting has come on leaps and bounds lately.

      Get on with the Ramos crew and we’ll have a game. I think you’ll enjoy Malifaux as a light skirmish game with some neat card play and tactical use of varied abilities from your models.

      We must have a followup FoW game too. Unsurprisingly I’ve put aside the panzergrenadiers after we played, moving onto new shiny things, so it would be a good excuse to make more progress on them.


  2. I dig the hair man. And I can see the shading on the apron.


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