Canoness – Finished at Last

It’s been quiet on here again because I’ve been working hard to get the Canoness finished and felt my time was better spent painting than writing about painting. So here she is, finished at last:

Sororitas - Flames of Faith

Sororitas - Flames of Faith

Sororitas - Flames of Faith

Sororitas - Flames of Faith

Working on her I really learned a lot and feel like I’ve pushed my painting up to the next level. It was also interesting to paint to a deadline – the Salute 2010 painting competition which was held on Saturday. I’ll write a follow-up post about the fun I had at Salute and how I got on in the competition. Oh the suspense!

Anyway, I was painting this one right up until the last minute, finishing things off with a touch of matt varnish at 3:30am the night before the competition. Seems so typical of me (and most humans I expect) to have left things to the last minute like this.

Given another week or so there is more I would have liked to have done too. My original vision was to have some church candles around her on the stone floor, with yellow-orange light cast from them and the brazier onto her and the walls. I also had planned to do some broken stained glass clinging to the window frame and also to do a freehand design on the back of her cloak.

Due to the fact that I was learning as I went along, I found that I was not very effective with my time. Quite a few bits of her were re-painted. If you’ve been following progress on her in this blog you may notice that the face changed quite considerably. I had to repaint the brazier after a lot of the paint had rubbed off in handling, and the base was re-worked at least a couple of times. She probably has twice the amount of paint on her than she needs!

Looking back at her now I can definitely see areas for improvement (which I think is encouraging). I am also particularly pleased with how some areas came out on her. I’m fairly happy with the blending and detailing in general and especially delighted with the way the scroll came out – an area I was kind of dreading as freehand has never been a strongpoint.

So there she is.

Well, now she’s done I can get back on with finishing up some of my armies and also start planning my next competition entry. Probably for this year’s UK Golden Demon, which will come around startlingly fast no doubt.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Canoness – Finished at Last”

  1. Getting better Jon, the hair seems a bit flat but that could be the picture, and you couldve used some sourced lighting with the flames.All in all it is a stunning piece of work ill have to have a good look at it next time the spanish one and I are over!


    • Cheers for the comment Gary. The hair was one of the only bits which remained unchanged from the first session on her. I had every intention of touching it up but just ran out of time. Source-lighting would have been great to do as well.

      Next time I shall have to plan better and be more disciplined with my time 🙂


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