Ups and Downs

It’s a funny old hobby this, filled with ups and downs.

What I’m referring to is the emotional journey I go through whenever I’m working on a miniature. Usually I will go through phases where I’m really pleased with the results, then the next day things just don’t turn out right, the paint doesn’t flow nicely off the brush, etc.

I’ve had this exact phenomenon this past couple of days with the Canoness (which I am working on pretty much to the exclusion of all else until Salute is over). Yesterday I laid down some base-coating on some of the gold sections of her armour and braiding on the tunic and I just wasn’t happy with it. The paint colour didn’t seem to look right, it didn’t flow very well, it was either too thick, or thin but weirdly uncontrollable.

Now tonight I’ve got back on with the black metal armour and things are back on track. A slow start, but after a short while I got into the swing of things and I’m really pleased with how she’s looking. I didn’t re-do the gold areas but they’re tidier at the edges and I’m confident that they’ll look great when I work up the NMM shading. In fact I was so in the zone tonight I was actually sad to put the mini down.

It’s weird. One day I question my painting ability and my confidence is seriously undermined. The next day I’m feeling like it’s going to be the best mini I’ve ever painted.

It’s a rollercoaster thrill ride I tell you!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 9, 2010.

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