She’s on Fire!

To prove that I do sometimes take a break from writing about what I’m going to paint and actually pick up a brush, here’s another work in progress update on the Canoness.

Canoness WIP

So you can see that the white undercoat is slowly disappearing and we’re getting more of a feel for how she’ll end up.

I’ve worked up the shading on the red tunic and I’m pretty pleased with that. Perhaps a bit more highlighting will be required once the gold braiding is done to balance out the tones. I’ve put a bit of paint down on the black metallic (NMM) armour, though I’m not especially happy with that and there’s a lot more to be done there. I think the gold metal areas will draw the eye away a lot anyway when they’re done.

Canoness WIPI also started to get things going on the brazier on her back. Never painted flames before so this has been quite fun. A bit blurry in the picture and while there’s a little way left to go there I’m happy with the look of it. Interestingly, this flaming brazier will serve as one of the light sources in the overall piece and I see it providing a rich orange light to the upper areas – which I expect to accomplish by glazing right at the end.

I’m also thinking to have some candles on the floor around her on the base which will softly echo the orange light in the lower areas. I think I’ll keep the effect fairly subtle though – I don’t want it to be an object source lighting (OSL) demonstration piece. Just enough to provide interesting tonal variation.

Not the best pictures I’m afraid – I took them quickly late last night. And we’re also getting a bit of shine off some of the paints. Be good to get the Testors Dullcote on her to matte her right down.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 6, 2010.

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