Max’s 1k Challenge

This weekend Games Workshop unleashed the fury of the Blood Angels. And very nice the models are too.

As predicted, after throwing all common/financial sense out the window I bought myself the Codex and immediately started planning a third 40K army (after my Chaos Marines and Eldar). Of course the ludicrous thing is that I’m not anywhere near finishing either of the other 40k armies. Or my Flames of War panzergrenadiers, or my Malifaux minis, or my showcase Canoness, or my terrain, or…

It’s no good. I think this madness is incurable, something’s got to be done.

So I’ve decided to set myself what I’m calling my 1k challenge. I’m going to fix a 1,000 point army list for each of my factions and focus on getting them completed to a tabletop standard at least.

I’ll put up a whizzy status chart on this blog (I love charts, I work in marketing data analysis) which in the early stages will hopefully shame me into getting organised, and in the latter stages will spur me to completion.

I’ve got my lists sorted for the Chaos, Eldar and Blood Angels, and conveniently I think I can fit the Flames of War Germans into the challenge too.

So, in the next few days I’ll publish those lists and get the chart uploaded. I can’t claim they’ll be in any way competitive in game, essentially being a selection of models I’ve picked up because they looked cool or I like the fluff.

Feel free to taunt me for my pitiful willpower. Hopefully it’ll drive me to get paint on them minis!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Max’s 1k Challenge”

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