Malifaux at the Bell & Compass

I just got back from observing a Malifaux game at the Charing Cross Gaming Club – a fantasy/sci-fi wargames club held every Tuesday in a super handy location mere minutes walk from my flat. It really couldn’t be much more convenient for me!

The game I saw played was Perdita’s Guild Gunslingers versus Seamus and his Resurrectionists (creepy gravediggers and Victorian zombie whores).

It was really interesting to watch and hopefully the two players didn’t mind too much as I chipped in with questions and rules clarifications. All three of us were kind of learning as we went and I was even able to offer some rulebook clarification at some points.

They unfortunately ran out of time, which is to be expected when learning a new game system like this. Despite some casualties inflicted by both sides – mostly on Seamus’s Resurrectionist crew – it was the zombies who ended up looking like the winners. Seamus was able to resurrect his painted ladies and was satisfying his victory conditions when time was called.

The game looks very cool indeed and now I’m enthused to get working on my Resurrectionists and Neverborn after Salute. Particularly as James has just showcased his Arcanist force all assembled and ready for painting.

The low figure count makes the game especially appealing as it shouldn’t take herculean effort to prepare the handful of figures required to make a force (they played with about five-a-side tonight), and the battles are played over a 3′ x 3′ area. Oh and did I say that most of the figures are gorgeous too. Cracking sculpts of weird steampunk victorian horror goodness. Think the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in a steam-powered cowboy movie and you’re part way there. I guess if Tim Burton directed a Western this is how it might come out!

I shall have to add in my Malifaux forces to the 1k challenge somehow. Unlike Flames of War, the point system is inconveniently in a different scale – tonight’s game was 20 “soulstones”.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 6, 2010.

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