We apologise for the break in service

It’s been kinda quiet around here this past week or so.

No, the blog’s not gone the way of most New Year Resolutions. Instead I’ve found every moment of my spare time taken over by the awesome Mass Effect 2 on Xbox.

Not really the place to eulogise about how tremendous this game is I know, but I have to say the series must be considered the best games I’ve ever played. I’ve never experienced such levels of emotional engagement in a video game before. Truly an interactive cinematic experience.

Well anyway. I’ve completed it now so normal service will be resumed and I can get back to the painting. Currently on the Paint Station is the GW Canoness, and I have actually assembled and undercoated all of my Malifaux stuff. I’ve also worked on some simple stone paving bases for the Neverborn.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 19, 2010.

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