M..M..M..Max’s New Header

’bout time I replaced that cookie cutter header (nice though it was with it’s swirly greeny-blueness)

So, I’ve just been playing around in Photoshop and come up with this concoction which shows you the inspirations for the “Max” and “Deadlock” parts of the name!

Unfortunately the CSS code controlling the WordPress style seems to have split the image into two parts and I don’t have the first idea how to turn it into a single banner.

Oh well, it’ll do for now.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “M..M..M..Max’s New Header”

  1. The image hasn’t been split up – there is an overlay on top of it for some reason that puts the black stripe down the middle. If you can get to the CSS, just set the thing named #header-overlay to display: none; (just add this alongside all the other settings such as width: 760px;) and it should go away.


    • Cheers Steve. I’d need to purchase the Custom CSS upgrade for WordPress to be able to do that apparently. It’s not that costly so I may look into it at some point, but I’m OK with it for now.


      • Alternatively, if you have access to the html template, you could try deleting the bit that reads (assuming it is in the template and not generated by WordPress itself)


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