Another Painting Day

On Saturday I packed up a load of my painting stuff and headed out to the wilds of Reading for an afternoon of painting with friends.

Painting Session at Mark's

This session was on a larger scale, being that there were four of us at it – James, Steve, Mark (who kindly hosted) and me. Mark’s house has a nice big dining table which meant we had plenty of room and a nice big patio door at the back to let in plenty of natural light. I decided to take my painting light with me anyhow and that turned out to be a wise decision – as the winter daylight faded pretty darn quickly in the afternoon.

James Paints a WolfenI only took one mini in the end – the GW Sisters of Battle Canoness – determined to paint hard and push myself for a showcase standard, rather than the “fancy tabletop” standard I generally do.

James had brought a few things with him – his Flames of War Brits are coming along very nicely, and we all marvelled at his Hirst Arts casting progress. He spent most of the day on a Wolfen Onyx figure from Rackham.

Steve brought his eclectic mix of minis that time forgot, but focused on finishing his two Rackham Alchemists of Dirz. We had to laugh as their assortment of comb and hairdryer accessories gave them more the appearance of hairdressers of Dirz!

Steve is an early Golden Demon winner from way back when the hobby was in its infancy. This epic titan below took silver in GD UK 1989. A time when I thought paint should be the consistency of Tipp-Ex, blending meant nothing to me, and inks were something you wrote with. It was always amusing many years later to see Steve’s display cupboard featuring so many iconic miniatures I recognised from those White Dwarf magazines of my childhood.

A blast from the past - Steve's silver-winning entry at Golden Demon 1989Unsurprisingly therefore, Steve’s Dirz minis were painted to very high standard with exceptional levels of fine detailing. He claims he’s out of practice though, having barely picked up a brush for a good twenty years. It’s great to see him back painting.

Mark is also returning to the hobby and has decided to paint up a Black Templars force for play. He was working on a marine squad and a dreadnought and they too were coming out well – though he was having to endure the pain of painting reds over black undercoat. We all know what that’s like! His stuff will look excellent when they all line up on the tabletop and I look forward to meeting them soon on the battlefield with my Emperor’s Children.

Overall it was a great day. There’s something nice about sitting around leisurely painting and chatting with friends. It’s a good motivator as I’ve said before, and a nice way to catch up with like-minded buddies.

As light faded completely, and I felt the pull to return to London, we packed things up. After many hours of painting I had actually achieved a seemingly pitiful amount – my Canoness’s face and hair mostly finished and the fur cloak lining in progress. Yet I felt rather accomplished. I’m pretty happy with her so far. Though I’m trying to be hypercritical, so I can see plenty of opportunity to go back and get things just right. Basically my aim is not to have a single piece of the mini with which I felt I “could have done better” if I had put more time in.

Like I said, I’m pushing myself.

Canoness WIP

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Another Painting Day”

  1. It was a really good day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have a long way to go to get back to my old standard, which wasn’t the best then 🙂


    • You’ve been amazingly prolific, and you’ve picked a chapter which features notoriously difficult colours!

      They’re looking good though and I look forward to seeing their progress. Thanks for hosting and I look forward to the next session 🙂


  2. […] 14th or 28th (tbc) – A painting day in Reading. Just over a year ago, Mark hosted a painting day at his place where some buddies got together and painted up various miniatures – or in my […]


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