Emperor’s Children Update

In the lead up to Saturday’s Apocalypse game I was crazily trying to get stuff finished off, but this was in conflict with my usual slow and painstaking painting style.

Slaanesh Daemonettes

Slaanesh DaemonetteI had a definite deadline to finish the five Daemonettes I had on the table though as they were in a stage of painting that, were I to transport them and use them in game, pretty much all the paint would rub off their claws and other pointy bits (of which there are plenty, they are daemons after all)

So with my 1am deadline rapidly approaching I just about managed to finish them and get them varnished up. And here are ladies 6 to 10 in all their seductive Slaaneshy glory:

Again, I really enjoyed painting these ladies and, as before, did the whole colour-glazing thing on their skin to give them that “fresh from the warp” appearance.

Slaanesh DaemonetteI’m not so happy with the hair on some of the bigger hairdos, so I may go back in with a bit more highlighting if I can be bothered. I should really prioritise getting other Emperor’s Children stuff painted up first though. I’ll get a full group shout done once I fix the bit of battle damage I incurred in the Apocalypse game: a broken Slaanesh Icon on the bearer Daemonette. I imagine a vengeful Eldar snapped the standard over his knee.

One day I’ll have a fully painted Chaos Space Marine army sat in front of me on the table. This will be a truly momentous occasion as it’s something I never thought I’d have the determination and perseverance to achieve.

Sadly I didn’t quite have the time to finish up the other priority paintjob – my Chaos Terminator Lord.

Here’s the current state of play:

Chaos Terminator Lord WIP

I’m really rather pleased with the way the glowing green underlighting has come out on his face, exactly as I imagined it. I’ve still a bit of tidying to do there but I don’t want to stray to far from what I’ve got. I think I’ll echo the green light glow on the lightning claws, which could give him a bit of compositional balance and draw the eye nicely around the mini. Or it could just look frickin’ cool!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Emperor’s Children Update”

  1. All looking very nice. Hope to see them in the flesh at some point.

    The underlighting glow is awesome – nice to have the “before” shot in one of your earlier posts to see the difference it has made. Hard to tell from the photo, but should some of the skulls on spikes and other doodads poking up from his back pick up a faint glimmer? Maybe, maybe not. Nitpicking really, and there’s always the temptation to keep fiddling when you have half an army still to paint.

    Personally, I want to develop my skills a bit more, but the need to actually have figures ready for a game means mediocrity is kind of the norm for me. I think I need to consider them as two different activities – painting for gaming and painting for “art”.


    • Yeah, I’m not quite done on the green glow. I need to actually lighten up his skintone a bit and may well re-visit the OSL (as the kids are calling it these days – Object Sourced Lighting) to see about light spill on neighbouring areas. I have a Canoness lined up with burning torches on her backpack which I am contemplating doing as an exercise in more complete OSL.

      I’ve got the same trade-off in quality versus tabletop ready. It’s frustrating and I find myself starting off with the intention to just get them done to a reasonable standard but end up spending too long on them. But at the end of the day I’m getting them finished and am happy with the finished result.

      “Mediocrity”? From what I’ve seen of your minis I think not.


  2. Nice of you to say, but I don’t think even my best efforts would score more than about 6.5 on CMON. Not that I don’t think I have the *potential* – I’ve realised that a lot of it just comes down to practice and patience – but its a case of finding in myself to be patient, and finding the time for the practice.


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