Emperor’s Children Fever

Just a quick update this one, and sadly no time for photos.

Tonight, spurred on by an impending Apocalypse game on Saturday (40,000 points per side no less!), I’ve been pretty productive and virtually finished the Daemonettes I’ve been working on. They’re all painted and the bases are textured and painted black – ready for drybrushing. So tomorrow night I will finish those bases and varnish them.

The Terminator Lord is a little further off. Which is a slight worry because I don’t want to transport him in mid paint in case any paint rubs off in transit or in game. So priority tomorrow night will be to get his last bits of painting done and varnish him up. I can always do the base at a later stage. As I alluded yesterday though, I’m really happy with the way he’s coming along so I can’t wait to get him done and photographed.

I’ve also got Fabius Bile, my Chaos Dreadnought, and a little secret surprise (which I cannot say more on in case team “good” are reading this!) all assembled for undercoat tomorrow.

If I have time tomorrow I’ll get some photos taken.

Roll on the Apocalypse!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 29, 2010.

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