Painting Buddies

I’ve found keeping this blog to be a nice motivator for my miniature painting hobby, but another great way is to get together with a buddy for a painting session.

My friend Christopher – who is fairly new to the painting thing, despite some early forays back in the eighties like myself – has been working on a swathe of cowboy and dinosaur miniatures. He’s painting them up for a board/miniature game he has created, loosely based on the Ray Harryhausen movie classic Valley of Gwangi. Yes, it’s a film about cowboys fighting stop-motion dinosaurs. Oh yes.

So anyway, every couple of weeks Chris will descend on our flat. We’ll clear space on the table, lay down some newspaper, and get painting.

Have to say it’s not my ideal setup for painting. I like to keep things fairly neatly laid out on my GW Paint Station, which was a great gift from my always-patient girlfriend Gigi. But there’s something nice about painting with a friend – exchanging ideas, tips and techniques. Chris is also extremely disciplined and makes massive amounts of progress compared to what I end up with!

He popped by tonight for a few hours to work on the bases of all his minis – there must have been a good 30 or so cowboys, dinosaurs and horses on the go. I got to do a bit more on my Slaanesh Daemonettes which are sooo close to being finished.

I do like to get some photos in these blog posts so here’s a couple of action shots of Christopher and I hard at work – or at least pretending to be – from our previous session a week or so ago…

First up, here’s me contemplating how much more shading this Chaos Terminator Lord needs on the gold:

Painting Session

Can’t wait to show you a WIP of that Chaos Lord by the way. He’s rocking hard and heavy – you’ll see.

And here’s Christopher laying some Games Workshop washes on a mounted cowboy:

Painting Session

We started fairly late tonight but still managed to get a couple of hours work in. Chris mostly got his bases drybrushed up, and I am happy with the progress made on the Daemonettes. I reckon I should get them done tomorrow.

Talking of organised painting sessions – a few other friends out west in Reading (I’m London based myself) are also re-discovering the painting hobby, and we’ve got an all-day painting session lined up there in a couple of weekend’s time. It should be great.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 28, 2010.

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