My First Forgeworld

As if any proof was needed of my addiction to this hobby, this must surely be it: I bought my first piece from Forgeworld.

For those who don’t know, Forgeworld are a company somehow affiliated with Games Workshop who make detailed resin cast pieces for Warhammer 40000, aimed at the more advanced modeller. Their kits have two distinctions,

1. They’re awesome
2. They’re stupidly expensive

So they prey on us weak-willed adults who find ourselves justifying the crazy prices to get that much sought after resin. There’s some very nice Chaos stuff which I’d been eyeing up, and seeing as I can’t stand the Games Workshop Chaos Dreadnought I decided to bite the bullet and splash out for a FW one.

So, I spent this evening unbagging and assembling my Emperor’s Children Sonic Dreadnought. The stuff arrives with little ceremony and packaging, in some innocuous little bags with an accompanying A4 assembly sheet:

Forgeworld Chaos Dreadnought

Here are the pieces all laid out:

Forgeworld Chaos Dreadnought Pieces

As I expected, I found the casts were of excellent quality. No warping, nice clear detail, and they dry fit together very easily. The resin itself is quite similar to plastic and was pretty easy to clean up, mostly with some clippers and a scalpel blade. I decided to magnetise the weapon arms because it means I can switch out loadouts if I ever get any more. The little Neodymium magnets I use for this, as on all my vehicles and walkers, are fantastic. Tiny little things and they are surprisingly strong. Luckily I have yet to glue them in with poles reversed (meaning the weapons would be repelled!)

Magnetised Weapon Arms

And here he is in all his insane chaos glory, all assembled and waiting for a spray undercoat, ready to bring death to the puppets of the corpse emperor and glory to Slaanesh!

Forgeworld Chaos Dreadnought

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “My First Forgeworld”

  1. That does look impressive and I love the idea of the magnets.

    I am annoyed with my Dreadnought, I built it up as I wanted it with the parts in the box, but it turns out that in my codex that one of the weapons I stuck on it is not in my army list, great!


    • Heh. There’s no such thing as a Noise Dreadnought in the Chaos Space Marine codex anymore, so the blastmaster weapon (right arm) and Doom Siren / Dirge Caster (gribbly faces on shoulders) are just going to have to be “counts as” until they re-introduce the fluff to the Chaos Codex. (fingers crossed that rumours of a Traitor Legions mini-codex later this year are true)

      So I wouldn’t worry about the weapons on your dread. As long as your opponent knows what’s supposed to be what there shouldn’t be a problem. Most important thing is that you’re happy with the model and are proud to field it in the Emperor’s name. Or something.

      You should definitely check out the magnets. They’re great.


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