Sanctum Imperialis

A quick terrain update as I’ve finally finished my Sanctum Imperialis scenery piece by Games Workshop. Since returning to the world of Warhammer and 40K I must say that I’ve been really impressed by GW’s plastic terrain kits.

Anyway, here’s the finished Sanctum, based up to fit in with my wilderness themed terrain board:

WH40K Sanctum Imperialis

WH40K Sanctum Imperialis

I could probably weather it a bit more to enhance the feeling of ruined abandonment but I should really put it aside and work on the other pieces I’ve got on the go such as the pipeworks, and more Gothic Ruins pieces such as a Manufactorium.

Rather happy with the way the checkered tiles came out on the base. It was probably a bit of overkill to individually mosaic the tiles from hand-cut and filed plasticard but the final effect has worked quite nicely I think.

I really ought to take some pictures of the full terrain boards in progress, laid out with my completed scenery pieces to date. A photography project for another day methinks.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Sanctum Imperialis”

  1. Hello Maxvon_d,

    I just purchased a Sanctum Imperialis myself, and I would like to have some tips about how you made yours, espacially on the colours you used for:
    – walls
    – highlight
    – aquila on the doors

    If you could please answer those questions, it would be great 🙂
    I can send you images from my work when it’s over if you want.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.


    • Hi, kmeleon91.

      Hmm, I’m trying to remember what colours I used there. I definitely started with a Chaos Black spray undercoat. After that I think I mixed up a mid-dark grey brown colour and airbrushed it on. You could probably get away with drybrushing liberally instead but the airbrush saved a bit of time.

      I think I then added a bit more white to the colour and re-drybrushed it. And then another light drybrushing to pick out the details with a yet lighter colour. Sorry I can’t really remember the colours exactly. I think I was mixing it up by hand using artists acrylic black, brown and white. For terrain it’s cheaper to buy the bigger pots/tubes from an art shop than to use small GW pots.

      For the Aquila and other metallic looking bits I first drybrushed with a bronze colour and then came back with a light gold drybrush.

      Hope that helps, and sorry I can’t be more specific about the colours I used.


      • Hi,

        I will try something like what you’ve described and see if I can achieve the same result 😉

        Thanks Maxvon !


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