My First 15mm Paintjob

So today I blitzed through (or should that be Blitzkrieged) my first Flames of War paintjob, one of my Panzergrenadier Rifle/MG teams:

Panzergrenadiers (Flames of War)

I’m generally pretty happy with the result, though I could have done better with the picture. It’s slightly odd because I can’t help comparing the paintjob and sculpts in the picture against the 28-32mm scale I am used to and being a bit disappointed in the harsh blends and dodgy detailing. Must remember they are teeny little 15mm fellas!

I should get out the light tent and see if I can get the photo more representative of the real thing. Also I should take a rear shot and focus on the camo a bit more as that’s one bit I’m really proud of and works surprisingly well at that small scale.

I am also rather chuffed with the base – first time I’ve used the Woodland Scenics Bushes scatter and thought it would look better if I mixed two colours (Forest Green and Olive Green), alongside the dark green static grass.

Working on these guys was actually lots of fun, and they were fairly quick to paint. I look forward to doing the rest of the platoon and getting the airbrush out for the vehicles.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 14, 2010.

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