Warts and All Photography

Along with improving my painting and modelling skills, I’m also trying to get a bit more serious about the photography side of the hobby as well. A great paintjob can unfortunately be left lacklustre by an inadequate photo.

I’ve been collecting bits of photography kit here and there such as a light tent, a tripod, and recently a secondhand digital SLR – a Nikon D50. I found my Fuji Finepix snappy cam was struggling to focus at the close range I was using, and the lack of control gave really unpredictable results.

Today I popped to the camera shop and picked up a +4 magnification close-up filter – essentially a magnifying glass which screws onto the front of the lens. It was significantly cheaper than getting a dedicated macro lens, which would be ideal but is like 20 times the price!

I also got them to give the camera sensor a clean while I was there, to shift off some of the fluff.

I’m really pleased with the first results after a very quick play:

Slaanesh Daemonette WIP

Noise Marine WIP

As you can see from the Noise Marine WIP, particularly if you click through to see the larger image in Flickr, it really picks out the details and does a great job of highlighting flaws in the paintjob. Normally I might shy from this and avoid presenting such a picture. But I think this visual honesty can only help me to improve my painting skills.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 11, 2010.

One Response to “Warts and All Photography”

  1. I will dig out the mini tripod and my Canon 350D and take a few proper pics of mine, then you will see some real flaws 🙂

    Still I am really enjoying painting again, first time in nearly 10 years.


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