Emperor’s Children Update

The most significant project I’ve got on the go at the moment is probably my Emperor’s Children Chaos Space Marines, for Warhammer 40,000 of course. I’ve got about 2,000 points worth of them and, if I’m honest, they’re probably about a quarter complete.

Right now I’m actively working on a Chaos Terminator Lord, the second batch of five Slaanesh Daemonettes, and a small squad of five noise marines.

Chaos Terminator Lord WIP

I love this guy. Such a badass sculpt with those twin lightning claws and the little daemon sword carrier chap in front. I’m pleased with the way the purple came out and will be finishing up the gold next (bit more shading and highlighting required). I’ve got a plan to try out some OSL (object source lighting) on the face, with a green glow coming up from inside the armour and underlighting his face. Fingers crossed, as it’ll rock if I can translate the image in my head into reality.

Daemonettes 2nd Group WIP

I really enjoy painting these Daemonettes and, despite a slight hiccup with some bad glazing, am pleased with how the skintones have come out. As with the first batch of five I’ve gone for different coloured overglazes to represent different otherworldly hues.

One annoyance I notice with these pictures is that my camera lens still seems really dirty, or maybe the dirt is somehow inside. Gotta sort that out because, at the high aperture settings I mostly use, those dirt specs really show up.

Now I must do a full army shot…

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 9, 2010.

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