Hirst Arts Pipework Progress Update

A while back, in a flurry of excitement around the Infinity games a friend and I were playing, I ordered some pipework terrain pieces from eBay.

Now I knew they were going to be unpainted. Fine, I’d rather do my own paintjob anyway, but I wasn’t expecting three bags of what looked like polo mints to turn up a few days later! Yup, they were pre-cast Hirst Arts pieces from three of their pipeworks mold sets. I think in the long term I’m actually happier about this as I get the hobby glee of actually building them up and they’ll be really flexible for a host of sci-fi/steampunk terrain projects. It just means they’ll probably take years rather than weeks to actually get done knowing me!

Well, here’s some step-by-step progress on my first build – apparently a Transfer Control Centre. First bits of gluing are done and I’ve collected all the pieces…

Hirst Pipework WiP

Looking closely you can see that some of the fits were not exactly smooth!  Bit of sandpaper taken to the plaster soon fixed things (and left a white powder dusting all over the living room).

Next up, a dry fit to see how it will look and also what sort of base I’ll need…

Hirst Pipework WiP

Making headway now, all gluing done (though I may 40K-ify it with some stuck on Aquilas, skulls or similar) and the thing is nearly ready to paint. I’ve just got to glue some sand to finish the texturing on the base, which I hand cut from a sheet of foamed PVC and then daubed with a bit of polyfilla.

Hirst Pipework WiP

I reckon I’ll start with a black spray undercoat and then get busy with the airbrush. Not entirely decided on the colours but I’m thinking a heavily rusted/corroded pale blue-green would look pretty cool if I can pull it off.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Hirst Arts Pipework Progress Update”

  1. Looking good! Can’t wait for my Hirst moulds to arrive. Is it heavy?


    • It is certainly solid! One of the heftier terrain pieces I have on the go. Thinking about it I should probably have put a mini against it for size comparison. Probably about 10 inches or so in length and 4 high maybe?


  2. Very cool stuff, love your use of the pieces!

    will keep an eye out for more updates!


    • Thanks! This is one of the many pieces I need to return to to finish off and is sat there patiently waiting some airbrush attention. I’ve been consumed by Flames of War of late and have hardly even had time to update the blog at all!


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