Starting Out With Malifaux

First proper post so to kick things off here I’ll introduce a brand new game for me –¬†Malifaux. Malifaux is an awesome looking new skirmish level game by manufacturer Wyrd Miniatures. This company have been coming out with fantastic sculpts for a few years now, in fact I have the gorgeous dual sword-wielding Viktoria mini in the to be painted pile for some time. Now they’ve put out a set of rules to go along with these great minis, and it’s a good play by all accounts.

A couple of online purchases later and here’s my little haul:

My starting collection of Malifaux miniatures, cards and rulebook

I was intrigued by the Gothic / Steampunk / Victorian Horror setting and the card-based rules sound refreshing. Entirely diceless would you believe. Anyhow, it was voted best rules or expansion in the Tabletop Gaming News Readers Choice Awards last month, and, with a small startout investment due to its character-based skirmish scale, I couldn’t resist getting a couple of factions.

I’ve gone for Resurrectionists (steampunk undead) and Neverborn (fairytale horror) for starters and I seriously can’t wait to get them assembled and painted. Cracking open the packs I find they’re pretty small, especially compared to the 40K scale Chaos stuff I have mostly been working on, but the sculpt quality is excellent.

As you can possibly make out from my pic above, I’ve gone for the following:

  • Neverborn – Pandora, Baby Kade, Candy, and 3 x Sorrows
  • Resurrectionist – Nicodem the Undertaker, Zombie Chihuahua, and 3 x Rotten Belles

Seriously, how could I resist getting this kickass mini?

I was a bit of a numpty though and have just discovered that in game the undead chihuahua (!) is a linked minion for another master other than Nicodem. Pah, it looks a blast to paint anyhow and I reckon can still be used in game. I’ll try my damnedest to get a game in before too long and I can post up a review + battle report.

Now I must try to get on with painting them up before I buy some more stuff. Though, maybe just one more Resurrectionist piece to balance them up can’t hurt, surely…

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Starting Out With Malifaux”

  1. I’m tempted to get some Malifaux, though mostly just because you have some and it has a low figure count => more likely to actually get to play.

    I’m not totally sold on the setting, seems a bit of a hotchpotch; I can’t really picture the game at the moment – what terrain you would use etc. Might need to have a look at the rulebook first to convince myself, but they didn’t have it in Aldershot, will see if they have it in Eclectic.

    Assuming I get some, I am also completely unsure about what figures to get – your chihuahua based error gives me pause. It doesn’t help that the game doesn’t have standard “army lists”. I guess you just bought the figures you liked the look of from your chosen factions?


  2. Safest option would be to get one of the starter boxes. If you have trouble finding it, I’ve been buying mini stuff from Maelstrom Games lately. Also I have used Arcane Miniatures and they provide a good service.

    Setting-wise I imagine it as kind of weird west. But it looks like a small game so terrain requirements are low. I have some fantasy medieval buildings which will work when coupled with the odd small hill and copse of trees, and I’m thinking to do some gothic graveyard / pumpkin patch stuff which would definitely suit.

    For a video overview of play check out: First Look at Malifaux


  3. […] also one of the miniatures that attracted me to the game of Malifaux, way back when, so it’s nice to have completed my own take on the […]


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