And so it begins…

The start of  a new year. Seems like the perfect time for me to start a blog about a favourite hobby – the world of science-fiction & fantasy wargaming.

If I’m honest I’m more of a painter/modeller than a gamer but it’s definitely a hobby which ticks plenty of boxes for me and is the perfect crossover between gaming and creativity. So, in this blog I shall be posting updates – hopefully regularly – on all of my miniature painting projects, and there sure are a lot of them I’ve got going on!

Perhaps I’ll post up the odd battle report as and when I get a game in, but I expect updates will mostly be about miniatures or terrain work in progress or, ideally, completed. I’m hoping that having the blog on the go will also serve to spur me into being more productive – I can be a terrible procrastinator (can’t we all?) so hopefully committing to regular updates here will serve as a kick up the backside now and then!

I’d be delighted to see any comments you may have on the stuff I’m working on, tips, techniques, recommendations, etc., or just to say hi.

Thanks for stopping by,

Max Von D

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 6, 2010.

One Response to “And so it begins…”

  1. good to see you took the advice , keep the posts coming.


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